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l’Agence Saint-Gilloise
agency for intra-community tourism


From September to December 2022, POPOLARE will host at Pianofabriek, L’Agence Saint-Gilloise, which will collect stories, memories, anecdotes and moods about the commune of Saint-Gilles.

While the tourism industry usually exploits the most beautiful places and activities of a place for the pleasure of external visitors, we will examine what would happen if, for once, we let this unique heritage be valued by - and for - the local residents. After surveying the streets of Saint-Gilles and collecting encounters and testimonies, the Agency will develop a series of itineraries and walks in the commune. To discover them, collective walks will be organised and will offer residents the opportunity to learn more about the place where they live and to experience the multiple stories that coexist on the territory.

On this page, we will continue to inform you about the stories we collect and the different activities or events organised by the agency. For more information, questions or visits, you can contact us at popolarelab@gmail.com or at 0486404441.

*This project is the result of the call for projects Kunst in co-creatie, aiming to respond to the increasing polarisation in Sint-Gillis, and is realised with the support of Pianofabriek and the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie.


Launch Agence Saint-Gilloise

Launch Agence Saint-Gilloise