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Shiraz – Farbod Fathinejadfard

Farbod is a Brussels based actor and theatre maker who works with SHIRAZ on his debut. He studied theatre for two years at RITCS and works in the Brussels cultural scene ever since. As an actor he is part of the current cast of If there weren’t any blacks, you’d have to invent them by theatre maker Aurelie Di Marino, which premiered in March 2018. Farbod is also part of Transfo collect, where he developed the first ideas to create Shiraz. In 2016 he was part of Capsicin , a theatre piece by Michiel Soete, produced by Globe Aroma. Besides he is active as a cultural mediator for doctors without borders. }}}

SHIRAZ is an artistic research on processes of longing and resistance within underground movements.
It originates in a world in which capitalism is still the norm and takes a dominant role in our daily lives. A toxic society where we consume more than we can actually digest. If you are for any reasons against this ideology the system spits you out. Therefore Shiraz is interested in the everyday lives of people trying to make sense of the cultural violence that the system constantly reproduces in all of us.