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Lara Barsacq & Gaël Santisteva ’Tonight, I love you’

don 03/02/2011 > vri 11/02/2011

 « Tonight, I love you! » is an attempt on attempts. A show that concentrates on the every day spectacular, as much as on the inappropriate solitude of an intimate performance, made for an imaginary public. A man, a woman and a guest in a pared down space unconsciously evolve along the themes of success, glory, recognition but also on their vulnerable attempts to be spectacular. Could there be a show without an auditorium? Wouldn’t the most intriguing show be made by someone thought they where alone?

Applause: applause is the clapping of hands (more or less rapid, more or less vigorous or loud), palm against palm, of an individual, group or crowd to express their approbation, admiration or enthusiasm. We hear applause, for example, at the end of a show (concert, theatre piece), at the end or during a political rally, at graduation or medal giving ceremonies (at the end of sports competitions), or at the passing of a funeral convoy for an estimed public figure.

Applause can be accompanied by « bravos », offered energetically or cried out. When the public’s enthusiasm is particularly strong, we say for example that the speaker received a « thunder of applause ».

On occasion, applause is far from spontaneous. The same principle applies to canned laughter used during radio or television programs (recorded or live). The applause, deemed necessary for the desired convivial atmosphere and not always obtained by the hosts or announcers, are added on, post production, using sound editing or provoked by an animator, who (with a gesture or a sign board held high in the air) incites the public to express themselves by clapping their hands, sometimes to an imposed rhythm.

Concept: Lara Barsacq and Gaël Santisteva
With: Lara Barsacq, Gaël Santisteva and Ans Van Den Eede
Music: Tchaikovsky, Josephine Foster, Daniel Balavoine, Jeff Alexander, Schubert.
Production: Lara Barsacq and Gaël Santisteva, residency in Campo (Gent), Danscentrumjette and Pianofabriek