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Tawny Andersen ’Hauntology’ (research)

maa 20/06/2011 > vri 01/07/2011

Currently working on a Master’s degree in performance theory as well as a trajectsubsidy research project on the relationship between theatricality and performativity, Tawny is interested in creating fertile grounds for experimentation between theory and practice. Her research is inspired by the recent theorization of the notion of performativity in critical theory, and specifically by the questioning of the relationship between corporality, language and identity. In this upcoming laboratory she will work with the notion of identity as being performative as opposed to expressive, in the sense that the body has no ontological identity prior to (re)enactment.

One of Derrida’s neologisms was that of ’hauntology’, mixing ’haunt’ and ’ology’, as well as being a homophone for ’ontology’. While Derrida wrote about the ghost of Marx haunting Europe, performance theorists have been quick to appropriate this idea, seeing the ghost of Hamlet haunting the stage, and the spectres present in every citation, every sign. In this semantic field of dis-embodiment and this uncanniness, where does this leave the presence of the body? How can one (re)inscribe one’s subjectivity? How can we (re)consider reality-production?

Collaborators : Alexandre Le Petit and Pierre Joachim