Oct 2021

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Pianofabriek is a cohousing project: we are at the same time a community centre, an arts lab and centre of education.

The intersectoral and interdisciplinary work of one organization is the result of responding to the current social needs and opportunities and is translated into a common mission. Each of these operations makes an appeal to the general operation of the centre for administration, financial management, reception and logistics. For this purpose, they give part of their budget. Every operation has its own staff and resources and is led by a coordinator, assisted by a steering committee. Through structural deliberation, sufficient interaction and collaboration is possible. There are a number of shared moments and instruments: open days, seasonal brochures, a website,… But especially in our daily activities, we consult formally and informally. The fact that the various operations are located in the same building, both in terms of infrastructure and organization, adds extra value in terms of the efficient use of the public fund, as well in terms of the intrinsic quality of the various operations.

This government variant of the concept of timesharing (and spacesharing) offers a lot of advantages. The shared logistics teams ensure a return of almost 100 % on the infrastructure at a small cost. Reception, catering, communication and organisational costs (e.g. secretariat, insurances) become relatively less expensive due to the increase in scale. The organisations scores better in terms of quality and professionalism (HR, technology, auditing,…). Because of this relatively small overhead cost, a larger part of the resources goes directly to the artists and their projects.

Pianofabriek is open to everyone: 20 different nationalities were counted during the audience survey. The average age is 29 years, 10 % of our audience comes from outside of Brussels or the province of Flemish Brabant and 50 % comes from the immediate surroundings. They go to Pianofabriek to learn how to read and write, for dance courses, studio recordings, rehearsals, workshops, concerts, performances, lectures,… Pianofabriek is an organisation with a large public and a lot of activities, which is inspiring and liberating and gives rise to crossovers, multidisciplinary and social-artistic projects.

Pianofabriek uses the bottom-up strategy for the exchange: on the initiative of the participants and their audience themselves. There is no content-related or structural osmosis, there is the possibility to work together on a certain project, to inspire oneself or to involve others, resulting in innovation and broadening (“bonding and bridging”).

Pianofabriek is a centre of the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, led by a non-profit organization. There are 30 people working for Pianofabriek and we welcome 300 visitors every day.