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The Sadness - Ula Sickle

mon 24/02/2020 > sun 08/03/2020

In 2016 Polish/Canadian choreographer Ula Sickle created Extended Play a performance for 5 dancer-singers made in collaboration with musician and visual artist Daniela Bershan (aka Baba Electronica). For the performance they developed an App for iPad that allowed the performers to compose the music and vocals during the performance itself, using Ableton Live, a popular music making software. Extended Play functioned as a collaborative DJ set, where the performers created and remixed the musical and choreographic materials live during the show. For this new project, Ula brings together a group of young performers around the genre of ’Sad Rap’, a home grown musical style that emerged on Soundcloud and other music platforms over the last years. Mostly self-produced, the genre combines emo-style lyrics about relationships and other personal disappointments set to melancholic instrumentals and hip hop beats. At a time when the future has never been more uncertain, The Sadness aims to give voice to the next generation’s hopes and fears. Under the musical direction of Japanese American musician Lynn Rin Suemitsu (Golin), the performers self-written lyrics are set to pulsating pop rhythms and heavy bass. A cross between a dance performance and a concert, the work is performed in the round in an intimate setting, where performers and public share the same space.

Concept, choreography, light design: Ula Sickle | Musical compositions: Lynn Rin Suemitsu (Golin) | Performers: tba | App development: Black Adopo | Lyric writing workshop: Maru Mustrieva | Production: Caravan |