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Sophia Rodriguez - Ostentation (research)

maa 12/08/2019 > zon 25/08/2019

Sophia Rodriguez research period looks into the physical repertoire in which ostentation materializes, its modes of expression, its gestures, and poses... As part of western culture, we feel much more trained to establish a conversation with an object than with oneself, as if in looking at them or wearing them, our emotions and thoughts materialize and become perceivable, touchable, likable, becoming live emotions and thoughts. Within this system of valuing emotions and thoughts through objects, there is a contradiction, since emotions appear and disappear and constantly transform. There is a temporality linked to it, which enables us to not be under a constant influence or stimulated of a certain intensity. Objects don’t have this transformative quality unless it is activated by our manipulation of them. I see this personal contradiction is a part of a big dichotomy of the contemporaneous society.

Is ostentation a tool for survival or a way to tune in with the environment? For how long have acts of ostentation been performed? Is it a recent phenomenon or an ancient repertoire?

On the first stage of this research, Sophia explores which type of links can come out of this relationship, "I" and the objects I related to, which types of emotions it contains and how does our phantasies or either our "ostentations" is involved in this interaction.