May 2021

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We don’t know yet

’We don’t know yet’ is a Brussels duo currently located in Brussels and Willebroek. Emerging from the multidisciplinary collective ’Chapter One’, they have now been working together for about 3 years. Ever since their performance at Wipcoop in November 2017, they’ve been working on a multimedia piece named BLULAND. This piece is always changing, depending on its location and context.
How has madness, throughout the history of mankind, been used as a tool of control and limitation of the human mind? How can we positively use the characteristics that we find in people that we call ’crazy’ to enhance our experience of reality?
In their research, the artists of ’We don’t know yet’ like to play with the public’s interactions, around their placement in a non-traditional setting. They work with music, installations (sculptures, video) and performance (dance, acting, spoken word). Their performances are dreamy compositions where words, movement, and images come together in a manner that is highly inspired by the underground and internet culture. They play a lot with the idea of layering and deconstruction, with everyday symbols and their reinsertion to a new context to change its signification. With all these mingled together, their intention is to create a fully immersive experience for the public. Their aim is to create a new theatre that welcomes a younger and more unconventional type of audiences.
Together with CityLab they’ll focus on building an interactive website, a platform where they archive all the elements they’ve used in the previous versions of their performances. On this website their videos, written work, music and manifestos will be displayed, as well as online performances.