Jun 2021

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Zoubida Mouhssin

Since the dawn of time, human beings moved, taking their stories with them and sowing them along their way. Stories different in color, scent and sound. These stories are tools of transmission, they allow us to keep in memory where we come to start afresh there where the events of life have led us.
For three years now, the Women’s Space of the Refugee Support Platform has been a place where women can be, regain strength, express themselves. This expression can be done with words but also through singing. A choir of women’s voices came into being also inviting men’s voices to join. Voices from around the world: the voices of "contemporary" migrants joining forces with voices who arrived in the late-1960s.
This project aims to express the voices of these women and men, to invite them to share their heritage, their questions, their aspirations and this through storytelling and singing. Stories and songs that emphasize that we have much more in common than we think, stories and songs that bring us together.