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Rósa Ómarsdóttir - OOOphilia

din 18/09/2018 > zat 29/09/2018

(working title)

“Nature is…animals, trees, the weather…the bioregion, the ecosystem. It is both the set and the contents of the set. It is the world and the entities in that world. It appears like a ghost at the never-arriving end of an infinite series: crabs, waves, lightning, rabbits, silicon…Nature.”
-Timothy Morton

Oooophilia is working-title for a research where Rósa attempts to explore object oriented ontological perspectives onto her dancing. Her interest in nature, more particularly her and other humans’ relation to it, will continue in this research, but instead of seeing nature as a fourth wall concept, as something outside of us, something for humans to visit in their leisure time, Rósa tries to find a nature within things, herself and the environment, or a type of an ecology without nature, and in that way going away from the concept of nature again. During this research she will play with the ecology of movements, sounds, bodies, body-sounds, vocal sounds, objects, objective movements, and subjective things, where the nature is within the body and all around.