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Astero Styliani Lamprinou - Metropolitan Press

maa 23/07/2018 > vri 03/08/2018

Metropolitan Press is a duet for two female dancers and three walls aimed for film and stage performance. It is exploring the notion of stillness as seen in statues, (Roman, Hellenic or statues that we can encounter in any city of the world, portraits or full body).

While making my previous film, Monuments, I observed several sculptures in the city and I knew that this is something I would like to explore in a more confined studio space. Statues are made out of stone, marble or bronze, which gives them a unique gravity and sense of eternal presence. They seem like they are rooted deeper and deeper into the earth and even though they are static, for me they reveal a constant moving force.

Astero also works with the idea of pushing-pulling as an action that reveals human effort and a kind of tension interesting for this work. To translate this into the live body, the dancers position themselves in specific places, as moving sculptures that drain their weight and push the ground the walls, the space. This relationship creates a visual tension as well as the metaphor of wanting to push boundaries and move to a superior state/place. Little by little they start to play with the idea using each other’s bodies. Finally, their conflict with the space is resolved in their imagination. After trying hard to move what cannot be moved, they are freed in a fantasy space without boundaries.

Dancers: Estelle Delcambre and Astero Styliani Lamprinou
Music : Original score in progress
Camera: Oliver Imfeld