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Kate McIntosh - In Many Hands

mar 07/06/2016 > sam 18/06/2016

How do we learn about the world ? What shifts our views ? What do our senses teach us ? In Many Hands is a real-time exploration of reflection-through-doing.

Recent visitors to Kate McIntosh’s works have been involved in many ways. Some broke apart domestic objects and made new inventions from the fragments (Worktable installation 2011). Other audiences examined a kind of collectivity - throwing furniture across the stage, uniting as an orchestra of rain-makers, collecting their own bacteria, and imagining themselves as birds (All Ears performance 2013).

The invitations in these works sprang from Kate’s ongoing curiosity to bodily involve an audience, and to imagine a social space where individuals might explore their own agency as well as a communality. Her new project In Many Hands wades further into these experiences.

With In Many Hands Kate dives into the tactile and the multi-sensory, inviting the audience to test, touch, listen, search and sniff. This project steps away from the stage – instead bringing the audience into a series of aesthetic sensory situations, and inviting them to experiment with materials and encounter physical phenomena themselves. If one really does learn-by-doing, then what’s learned here is a sensitization of nerves, a tuning of attention, a priming of curiosity. In Many Hands is part laboratory, part exhibition-fair, part sensotopia - as it unfolds, visitors take their time to engage and explore as they wish, following their noses and curiosities.

This piece experiments with how we learn, which knowledge is written by our senses, and what ‘embodied intelligence’ feels like. It also digs towards questions of political experience – about whether it’s possible to unlearn fixed perceptions, or experience a viewpoint radically different from one’s own. In Many Hands creates an encounter between people through testing and stretching sensory realities.

As always, Kate’s work is guided by her ongoing fascination with the misuse of objects, her playfulness with the audience, a strong performativity and an off-beat humour.

In Many Hands will premiere in PACT Zollverein, Essen (DE) on the 14th of OCTOBER.

Credits :
A project from : Kate McIntosh
Performance collaborators : Arantxa Martinez, Kate McIntosh, Josh Rutter
Sound : John Avery
Artistic advice : Dries Douibi
Production leader : Linda Sepp
Tour management : Sarah Parolin
Produced by : SPIN
Coproducers : PACT Zollverein (DE), Kaaitheater (BE), Vooruit Kunstencentrum (BE), Buda Kunstencentrum (BE), BIT Teatergarasjen (NO), Far° Festival Des Arts Vivants (CH), House on Fire Network (EU), and the Open Latitudes Network (EU).
With the support of : Pianofabriek (BE), STUK Kunstencentrum (BE), and Tanzfabrik (DE).