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Myriam Van Imschoot - HELfel

woe 04/05/2016 > zat 27/08/2016

Two years ago Myriam created YOUYOUYOU, a vocal performance based on a sharp trilling sound, a cry of joy, which under its arabic name is known as ’zaghareet’, although many know it in French as the ’youyou’. 12 women from Brussels turn this cry into an 8 minute long marathon. They weave, alternate, modulate and propell the sound with great impact.
From this performance the plan arose to create a new and larger project with more participants and a new challenge: HELfel.

HELfel is a performance situated in the Park of Forest (the lower side), that engages the cries and movements of 30 local women coming from different cultural and generational strata. The women converge and diverge while making vocal sounds in order to make the park a vibrating place with trills. The main material is a particular cry of joy, which in different parts in the world is known under different names like youyou, kel, kululu, zaghareet, irrintzi. HELfel means in arabic something you find on your way that may lead to happiness; in Dutch it refers to adjectives of intensities ’hel’ and ’fel’, like to denominate intense colours, sounds or personalities. HELfel will première on 27 August 2016 in the frame of the art event ’L’incroyable Téléférique’.

In preparation of this piece, Myriam Van Imschoot, accompanied by collaborators Shila Anaraki and Caroline Daish, organizes afternoons of explorations in the park. The park explorations take place in the lower side of the park of Forest and are open to anybody interested.


This is the last session in a short series of similar explorations, with the aim to prepare the new vocal piece of Myriam Van Imschoot, HELfel. In the course of the afternoon a hands-on approach allows to work concretely with warm-ups, voice and movement configurations and improvisations, with wind, acoustics, trees, traffic noise, grass plains and passers-by as our environment. On Thursday we’d like to develop a score that later this summer will serve as the ground for a performance by 30 local women.
All participants are welcome, regardless of background, and will be credited as helpers in this process.
We meet at 14:30 in the lower side of the park of Forest, facing the Avenue de Roi, right across the tramstop Rochefort (tram 97). Tea and sweets are served! The weather forecast predicts sunny weather. English is our main language, yet we are happy to translate. Welcome to join, please notify: myriam.vanimschoot @ gmail.com.