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Lilia Mestre ’Sense Radio’ (research)

lun 28/09/2009 > ven 23/10/2009

A research project about sound and emotions

Participants : Lilia Mestre, Pierre Rubio, Elke Van Campenhout, David Elchardus, Els Vianne, Charo Calvo

Body, emotions and mind are intertwined in a endless communication allowing people to act, re act, feel and think in the every second act of living. My research lays on the previous statement, I want by the means of sound to investigate dynamics that can reflect our system of perception. I’m as interested in the physical impact of a sound track as in a description of a feeling or in an explanation about what is going on right now when I’m here, therefor we’ll take in consideration three different layers of the self, the rational, the emotional and the sensorial in our work.

We are reading, recording, playing and composing as basic activities with the aim of developing a emotional radio project.

The dynamic of sound can be comparable to the dynamic of memory in terms of their complexity in relation with what can be recalled, recollected and the reality. If one thinks about the sounds of past experiences, daily life events, voices, music, etc, triggering the potential for the creation of images, sensations and thoughts, there is an all universe to unfold and experiment with.

Lilia Mestre