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Amicale de production - The last Chance

mar 03/11/2015 > sam 14/11/2015

Creation 2017 - In THE LAST CHANCE, spectators are invited to perform simple actions to engage micro-poetical and playful mechanisms that will fit themselves to each other as subtly as possible. All this to bring out something, for sure.

A great medieval saga ? A diagram explaining the functioning of European institutions ? A modeling of the nitrogen cycle ? A timeline of the Civil War ? A reenactment of the famous Alan Kaprow happening in 1959 ? A tableau depicting the main chapters of the Iliad ? This We don’t know yet.

By establishing interlacing of tricks and schemes that may refer to DIY « bricolage, to music, to games, magic or on the opposite to the burst of the real reality, we will try to build in motion a coherent collective mechanism (as much as possible), pertinent (as much as possible), meaningful (as much as possible), and beautiful (as much as possible).

A laboratory of multi-sciences (hard - soft- exactes- approximate) hosting a series of complex experiments / (basic- diligent-fundamental) to try to experience the challenges, the pitfalls and the springs of collective action and communs construction, A hike through the collaborative concepts, commensality, community, synergy, empathy, A poetic-political think thank on the flow of ideas.

A reflection on the exchange, protocols, values of exchange.

A collective project by Antoine Defoort, Julien Fournet, Mathilde Maillard and Sébastien Vial

Production : l’amicale de production / Mathilde Maillard