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Ula Sickle ’SOLID GOLD’

mon 14/09/2009 > thu 24/09/2009

In Solid Gold Ula Sickle & Dinozord, a young Hip Hop dancer from Kinshasa (DR Congo), translate their work together on the video installation Looping the Loop: From African Dance to American Hip Hop and Back Again into a live performance for stage. The result is a solo performance for Dinozord that traces the roots of Hip Hop, from traditional African dance to forms of entertainment dance from Broadway and Hollywood to MTV. A transhistorical and transnational dance form, hip hop has found a huge following in Africa, where it is being continually reinvented and transformed. Inspired by the 1979 American hit parade show Solid Gold, in which the musical hits of the past year were performed in playback by a chorus of dancers, the solo moves from one hit dance style to the next, and from one epoch to another. The steps of one become the sound score for the next. Gradually the dancers movement becomes a musical score providing the impulse for the next groove. What dance does the future hold?
Choreography: Ula Sickle
Created and performed by Dinozord 
Sound concept & design: Yann Leguay 
Production: Rebecca September 
Management: Caravanproductions for Rebecca September vzw 
Support: Pianofabriek, KVS, Studio Kabako.