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Sara Manente ’lawaai means Hawai’

mon 17/08/2009 > fri 28/08/2009

"In every space coexists another space that you can be aware of only if you pay attention to the acoustic phenomena. When the two spaces are overlapping or if they are in conflict, the sound becomes noise. As it is a source of tension, it can create fear, stress, fatigue… as much as it can be fascinating or hypnotizing. The noise is thus an alteration of the space. And, consequently, noise has an influence on the objects in that space and on the behavior of its inhabitants. And so is dance. In "Lawaai Means Hawaai", pollution, echo, absorption, reflection, background have become key figures in the writing process, although not in a metaphorical or imitative way. Indeed, “Noise” has different definitions in acoustics, communication science and computing. So it is a concept that already goes far beyond acoustic. Here it creates a potential polyphony of realities, developing from a very concrete writing."
Florent Delval
Concept: Sara Manente.
Choreography and performance: Ondine Cloez, Michiel Reynaert & Sara Manente
Music: Christophe Albertijn
Light/Set design: Jorge Dutor
Dramaturgy: Florent Delval
Costumes: Hadas Cna’ani
Thanks to Constanze Schellow, Marcos Simoes, Jaime Llopis, Varinia Canto Vila.
Production: eve vzw/asbl, Monty.
Co-production: WorkspaceBrussels, Beursschouwburg, and Flemish Community.
With the support of FabrikPotsdam, PACT Zollverein, WPZimmer and Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats.
Premiere during Amperdans, Monty: 16th & 17th of October 2009
Festival WorkspaceBrussels, Beursschouwburg: 11th & 12th of December 2009
Descendance Festival Grenoble, March 2010