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Liz Kinoshita - Volcano (on tour)

Volcano on tour: 

15th April - MDT, Stockholm
16th April - MDT, Stockholm
22nd April - Vooruit, Gent
25th April - STUK, Leuven (18.00 - Kick-off Dag van de dans)

In March 2010 Eyjafjallajökull, the Icelandic volcano, erupted scattering lots of dangerous ash . Total chaos throughout the European airspace meant the largest disruption of air travel since World War II. Many people were momentarily stranded and unexpectedly halted.

Today air travel often costs less than the ground travel option. Before our body becomes aware, we find ourselves in a new city, country, or culture. Especially people from the ‘show business’ learn to be more flexible, and to accomplish more, despite all difficulties and criticism.

In Volcano Liz Kinoshita focuses on the momentum, tempo and rhythm in our lives in this day age in the physicality of the performers. Volcano aims to share the lifestyle led, and the feats required to make everything possible, even when challenged by ever present forces of nature. 

Volcano is a delicate intertwining of contemporary dance, music and presence.