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Nikolas Lestaeghe - Loopgravenoperette

lun 13/04/2015 > sam 25/04/2015

In the Loopgravenoperette, Nikolas Lestaeghe and three performers take up the challenge to make way with the taboos of his family, their own taboos by song and using found and self-created instruments – with the focus on World War I. Four young people experiment with the format of the ‘operetta’, on man being a frightful and powerless being. 

Nikolas Lestaghe, born and bred in a region where the battle was fierce, experiments with the form of the ‘operetta’ on the role of his family during the two world wars, but focusing on the first.
Originally the project would be created and performed by 5 soloists, a mixed choir, a symphonic orchestra and 3 technicians. But Nikolas found himself alone and decided to take up all the roles. Later in the creation process, three extra performers joined to help him with his mission.
The libretto is based on (amongst others) Europeana by Patrik Ourednik, The last days of humanity by Karl Kraus, melodramatic scenes from German operettas and interviews with family members.
This project is supported by the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, Kunstenwerkplaats, Eskimofabriek Gent en Theater Malpertuis.

Première on May 9th at Theater Malpertuis Tielt.