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Varinia Canto Vilar - Attention.App

maa 13/10/2014 > zon 19/10/2014

A man playing football, a woman throwing stones, a man moving a wardrobe, a woman throwing an egg, a man moving his body uncontrollably….It is in Pianofabriek that the second stage of « Attention.App » research will take place.

It will try to develop a landscape of actions that could be seen haptically. In it, affect wont be explored by experiencing the becoming, but rather through violent cuts and the limit. What could have been, what is lost, or what is taken away, is the place from which to develop a sense of belonging. Belonging is not connected to identity nor to identification, but to a sense of coordinates, that if in constant redefinition, are but the only parameters to capture something, ever staying in the impersonal.

Many objects will be used, many actions too. Transformations, and the greatest desire that you don’t see individuals.

Varinia Canto Vila was born in Santiago de Chile in 1976. She graduated as dancer from Universidad de Chile and from P.A.R.T.S in 1999. Since then she has been living in Belgium. She worked for Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods in Highway 101, for Lilia Mestre in Unnoticed, for Rachid Ouramdane, Charlotte Van den Eynde and for Collect-It, a project initiated by Janez Janša and Bojana Cvejic. In 2004 she has created the Making of, a solo project supported by Dans in Kortrijk. Varinia also collaborated with video artist Kurt d’Haeseleer on the installation Another Dress Code. In 2006 Canto Vila was involved in the creation of Affected, Claire Croizé’s first full-length performance. Further she collaborated as a performer on the creation of or else nobody will know (2007) by Mette Edvardsen and Angle (2007) by Kyung Ae. In 2010 Varinia collaborated with Marcos Simoes on Eskimo (known before as (Laughing) Insults) and in the same year she premiered her solo During Beginnng Ending, supported by WpZimmer and DeSingel. As a dancer Varinia reinitiated her collaboration with Meg Stuart’s company in 2011 for the creation of Violet a piece that is currently touring. In 2013 she participates in The ballet of Albertina Macchiavello, Johnny Mclay and Ignatz van Stereo by Thomas Steyaert and Raul Maia.