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David Weber-Krebs - into the big world

maa 29/09/2014 > vri 10/10/2014

I’ve opened the atlas of the universe. With a description of the empires, kingdoms, states and colonies; and a description of the oceans, seas and islands with their herbs, trees, four footed beasts, fish, birds, insects and reptiles. Followed by the natural history of mankind, his mythological origins, customs, migrations, physiology and anatomy.

The eighteenth century was a time of great discoveries and revolutionary inventions, of expeditions and new repertories. The world was seen as a whole that needed to be known through all its aspects and conquered as such; a time beyond the obscure dogmas of religion and autocracy, heading towards the lights of knowledge, positive science and democracy. The project Into The Big World reconstructs that mythical world on stage.

Can we grasp today’s world in the same way? Can we still conceive an encyclopedic view on it, given the mass of knowledge that is available? Is it at all possible to grasp the world while we are standing in the middle of it, and while the world and its phenomena seem to have become exponentially complex?The way we imagine the world of the past and of today involves both knowledge and projection. Two performers embody this in a dialogue on stage. The world they create on that stage gets more and more complex, until it becomes uncertain that it can be grasped at all, on a stage or elsewhere.

première: stuk kunstencentrum, 4th, november 2014

concept, direction, text david weber-krebs
performance katja dreyer, noha ramadan
sound peter lenaerts
light design jan fedinger
dramaturgy jonas rutgeerts
dramaturgical advice lars kwakkenbos
research marie urban
stage lotte betting
production ingrid vranken

an infinite endings production in co-production with kaaitheater, stuk and wp zimmer. thanks to Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats and buda.
* 27, 28 february 2015 - de brakke grond, amsterdam
* 10, 11 february 2015 - kaaitheater
* 4, 5 november 2014 - stuk kunstencentrum