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Yurie Umamoto - CEEPORT

Rain or Shine - ©Paula Faraco

din 22/07/2014 > vri 01/08/2014

The concept for the project CEEPORT arose from the desire to create a tragic piece exploring my own perception of tragedy.

My first encounter with a “tragic piece” was when I was small. It was a famous ballet Romeo and Juliette. The impact and sensation I got from it was so strong. Somehow I am always more attracted by the tragedy than the comedy even though sometimes it is so painful to witness. I am interested in deconstructing my memories – the sensation, excitement, emotion, texture and movement of what I felt by seeing it and reconstructing them again, integrating my own thoughts about/around tragedy not only in theatre but also in our lives.

On March 11th 2011, the big earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan and although all by beloveds were ok, I suffered for long time afterwards. Something completely changed my life and after experiencing that, I intuitionally felt ready to work on my tragic piece.

According to believers in biorhythms, a person’s life is affected by rhythmic biological cycles which oscillate in a steady sine wave fashion throughout life and affect one’s mental, physical and emotional activity. For human beings, this is mostly explained using three waves: physical, emotional and intellectual.
I would like to approach my tragedy piece using the idea of the three waves and creating variations in them, playing with gradations in intensity, speed, transformation and combinations.

I have invited three artists from related disciplines, Pablo Fontdevila (choreographer, performer and light designer), Douwe Smit (sound-music composer and Kumi Umamoto (scenographer), to investigate tragedy from their own individual perception. I am interested in what is can be the result of the cyclical interaction, creating unpredictable phenomena.

The image we will use is exploring the “waves” and “surf” them.

Yurie Umamoto