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The Dead Speak Back - a film by Jason Sweeny featuring Caroline Daish

don 26/06/2014 - 19:00 > 20:30

Screening of ’The Dead Speak Back’ at Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats on Thursday 26th of June at 7pm.

Free admission.

The Dead Speak Back journeys through a surreal world of secrets, songs and shadows of the missing and departed, in beautiful yet terrifying landscapes. We follow a woman, a spirit medium, following in the footsteps of a missing boy who may never be found. A deepening mystery of a victim of crime disappeared.

But at what point do we fall into the mystery too far?

“Without the help of any conventional plot, characters or dialogue, The Dead Speak Back is a bold and challenging film by local Adelaide writer/director Jason Sweeney. It does not so much tell the story of grief as it does explore it, in a most brutal and personal form.What Sweeney has accomplished – with the richness of the lighting and set design, the stunning cinematography and, of course, the intuitiveness for projecting emotion – makes me wonder what he might do with a more conventional film. I’m keeping my eye on him.” Heather Taylor Johnson (In Daily Adelaïde Independent Press).

Official trailer here - interview with Jason Sweeny here