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Speaking of Mikes, Speakers and Acoustics

zat 26/04/2014 - 19:00 > 22:00

Saturday 26th April, 7pm@Pianofabriek

an evening of artist talk, performance and a lecture in the context of VoiceLab3: Of Mikes and Speakers.

free entrance


Lecture ‘Between Air and Electricity’, Cathy Van Eck

Confronted with microphones and loudspeakers through my own practice as a composer using electro-acoustic media, I investigated how microphones and loudspeakers could become musical instruments. Taking as an example some of my own works, I explain several possibilities of interaction with microphones and loudspeakers.

Performance ‘Music Stands’, Cathy Van Eck

Talk, Fabrice Moinet

Fabrice Moinet will give a brief talk about his experience of performing sound in various kinds of site specific performances. He will give some examples how by using different kinds of speakers it has been possible to feed an artistic scene with its soundscape into a "none-theater" space. During the talk some principles will be introduced about speakers in a space and how the sound is spread out into the environment.

More information on the workshop Of Mikes and Speakers you can find on the site of Pianofabriek.
Biographies of Cathy Van Eck, Fabrice Moinet, Anne-Laure Pigache, Dirk Jonckheere and Myriam van Imschoot on the site of Sarma.