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Stijn Demeulenaere - Pressure Sequence (performance)

maa 24/02/2014 > vri 28/02/2014

Pressure Sequence is a research project that investigates the possibilities of the body as a physical presence through sound, using contemporary dance. Last year Stijn Demeulenaere he created the installation version of Pressure Sequence .
This year he starts the following phase of his research and tries to translate the installation back into a performance by re-introducing a live dancer into the installation.

The project wants to research the active imagination of the audience in the triangle between sound, spectator and performer.

Pressure Sequence is an exploration of both the language of contemporary dance and the language of sound. The movement of bodies is translated into the movement of air molecules, and back again. The project looks for the resonance of those movements in pressure variations. The installation version wants to create a sense of movement, one that is only tangible in sound, one that needs to be completed by the listener, by his or her imagining the newly created dance piece, feeling the movement. The research on the performance version wants to see what happens if we confront this sound again with a live performer, investigating what a second translation brings forward.

More about the installation here

Stijn Demeulenaere is a sound artist from Brussels. The dancers for the original sounds of the Pressure Sequence were Marisa Cabal, Georgia Vardarou, Veli Lehtovaara and Eleanor Campbell. The Pressure Sequence project has been moving forward by the gracious support of STUK (Louvain, BE), Deepblue (Brussels, BE), Bains Connective (Brussels, BE), Zodiak (Helsinki, FI), Okno (Brussels, BE) and Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats(Brussels, BE).