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Dianne Weller & Julie Pfleiderer - For Your Ears Only

maa 09/02/2015 > zat 14/02/2015

Dianne Weller & Julie Pfleiderer will work together to undertake the third and final stage of development into a research based radiophonic theatre creation entitled For Your Ears Only. It brings together the various building blocks of performance making and combines it with the characteristics of a radio play, also known as ‘noise theatre’.

They will work with Sound Artists Ruben Nachtergaele and Ludo Engels on the Sound Design of the project. It will be a performance using pure acoustic voice, field recordings and music together into a quasi radio play that incorporates critical dialogue, music and sound effects to help us to imagine the a play that has never been seen.

Dianne Weller (AUS/BE) is a performer, actor and singer who work focus’ on interconnections between voice and sound and what effects listening have on an audience.
Julie Pfleiderer; (DE/BE) is a director, working on the boarder of documentary and fiction in the fields of theatre performance and film.
Sound artists: Ruben Nachtergaele (BE) and Ludo Engels (BE)
Critics : Andrew Haydon (UK), Pieter T’Jonck (BE), Elke Van Campenhout (BE).

Performances in February and March 2015 in Beursschouwburg (Brussels), Vooruit (Gent) and Buda (Kortrijk).