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Charlotte Bouckaert & Steve Salembier - Bildraum

mon 27/10/2014 > sun 02/11/2014


Wednesday 3rd December 22.00 Beursschouwburg
Thursday 4th December 22.00 Beursschouwburg

Bildraum is an installation performance by Charlotte Bouckaert and Steve Salembier which focuses on the live creation of images, sound and space. From live on stage photography and projection of a series of scale models, a living picture story unfolds in the spaces of personal memories. These spaces are empty, with just objects suggesting past activity. As a result, not the memory itself is visualized, but the moment which immediately follows it. By doing so, Bildraum shelters a collection of possible stories, on the border between the personal and the universal, the significant and the trivial, the tragic and the serene.

Referring to the dark centre of a camera, where the images arise from the confrontation between the incoming light and a sensitive plate, Bildraum intertwines image, memory and reality into a new liminal environment which recalls the moment our perception of space was formed. Discovering a landscape of echoes, the audience is invited to populate the space with its own associations. Like browsing a photo album of memories yet to come.