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Stray Dogs - Wasteland

maa 11/03/2013 > don 14/03/2013

Over the course of several residencies in 2013 Stray Dogs & Legoman will develop a new audiovisual performance. Keywords are the use of abstract, slowly developing textures, emphasis on the tactile/physical qualities of sound & image, erosion and hypnosis.

Stray Dogs is a Belgian band/producersduo consisting of Koenraad Ecker (cello, guitars, electronics) and Frederik Meulyzer (percussion, electronics).

With a longstanding musical relationship as foundation, Stray Dogs operates on the fringes of electronic, dub & experimental music, combining an awareness of detail and texture with intense physicality into a soundworld that needs to be felt as much as heard.

Recently, Stray Dogs has been collaborating with Yannick Jacquet (Legoman), a Swiss video-artist renowned for his groundbreaking work in video projection art together with the VJ’ing collective AntiVJ.

Together they created "Intangible States", an audiovisual performance, and toured quite extensively with this project for the last two years at venues & festivals.

Their new album ‘Waste Land » is both a continuation and a departure from Stray Dogs’ debut album ’Intangible States’, trying to get closer to the essence of their music & aesthetic. Gone are the standard musical structures, rock-indebted drumming and post-rock-ish guitar parts, making way for an altogether more stripped down, industrial and ritualistic sound, while refining their strengths as composers and producers. The music on this album was recorded in several periods, starting with the recording of percussion, cymbals, cello and guitar in a desacralized church in Antwerp, trying to exploit its different acoustic spaces to the fullest.
The result sounds somewhere between ritual drumming, industrial textures, and disintegrating orchestras, featuring a lot of different (live) percussion, prepared acoustic & electric guitars and analog synths. Compared with « Intangible States » the focal point is on developing longer structures combined with constantly evolving textures, hoping to conjure introspective, dark and meditative states.