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Or & Oran Cie

maa 13/02/2012 > vri 24/02/2012

The Project examines the reality and the situations of loneliness and alienation of four foreign dancers who live in Brussels.
In the past few years I have met various artists who travel the world in search of inspiration, work or meaningful connections. As modern-day gypsies, they are united in their creative urge and their way of living. A widespread phenomenon of human voluntary migration.
The project combines a video documentary research about the dancers and a physical and emotional research. Four characters that embody the inside - emotional, vulnerable side of themselves, with them on stage TVs which screen different parts of the same dancers talking and moving in their real life. Strange and dependent relationship created between them and the screen produces a detached and strange world, a world where reality is unclear, whether it is reflected from the screen or reflected from the stage. A world where home, geography and religion are not relevant, the dancers are left "naked", they are peeled from all layers, they become only human beings with a stabile emotion state, inside a confusing world they try to survive.

Choreography, video, scenography: Or Marin (Israel)
Dancers: Natalia Pieczuro(Poland), Boglárka Börcsök (Hungary), Karolina Kraczkowska (Poland), Johann Fourriere (France).