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Sung Im Her ’Philia’

maa 30/01/2012 > vri 10/02/2012

Philia is the one of the four ancient Greek words for love and it is also translated as friendship.
Before the era of Technology, making friends and keeping friendships, relied on being in close contact. All kind of interactions, body to body and face to face, made friendships and relationships exist. Talking and listening to each other, eating or drinking, had to happen in the same place at the same time. Philia relationships only could appear and exist through direct interaction.
In modern society, this close distance in order to make or become friends is no longer requisite. Invention of telephone, email, chatting, voice message make a distant relationship possible and therefore we don’t have to rely on direct contact. And even if two people haven’t met before, if they have some similar interests or concerns, through web chat, blogs and other public forums can become friends (or enemies) very easily and quickly.
As well as through words and abbreviations, this kind of mechanical mutual exchange is transferred by characters and icons (especially facial expression Icons) and represents kinds of feeling and expression. All exaggerated and blatant icons are passed to another and recreate ’meaning’. It could be seen that the Icons become ’human beings’ and make possible delivering contents and the explanation of a situation or stories. That gives way to sharing feelings.
In this research, we want to focus on the relationship between friends (friendship) and explore the meaning of it. How and what makes it possible to maintain it in this society.