Pianofabriek is a workplace and incubator for talent in the Brussels municipality of Sint-Gillis/Saint-Gilles, an open house where artists, staff and visitors (beginners and experienced, and with diverse backgrounds) can learn from each other. The do so by meeting each other and organizing (or helping to organize) community-building and sustainable social and cultural activities for young and old alike.

Film Festival System D, the festival for emerging Brussels talent, is made for you ! 

Brussels is overflowing with invisible and silenced talent, busy hustling to find the space and the cultural support they need to create their films. Brussels is a city with many prestigious stages, but where the stories and realities of Brussels are neither shared nor celebrated.  

This is where System_D comes in: a festival with no formal requirements,
open to the city and its inhabitants.

Ben je tussen de 16 en 26 jaar? Goesting in een muziektraject voor jong talent? Dan is Circuit iets voor jou!
Dit jaar bieden de gemeenschapscentra een professionele ondersteuning – zoals het maken van een beat, sounds ontwikkelen, videoclip opnemen, opdoen van podiumervaring – en leggen we de focus op hip hop en rap. 

Heb je interesse? Schrijf je nu in! of mail naar koen.spolspoel@pianofabriek.be

We ontmoeten elkaar een eerste keer op zaterdag 16 september om 17u30 in de Pianofabriek.

Je zal onder meer ondersteuning krijgen van GC Pianofabriek, GC Op-Weule, GC Kontakt, Studio Steph, Jay MNG, Jeunes Boss, and many more…


Pianofabriek starts with COLABZ, these are open workspaces involving textiles, video and music production. Or you're still searching for rehearsal space for your band? Click below and find out more!