Citylab ?

  • has been a creative breeding ground for new urban narratives in which art, social urgency, engagement and community merge for years.
  • has a metropolitan focus and supports Brussels talents in developing and imagining their view of the urban future.
  • contributes through a bridging function (between formal and informal networks) to a warm, supportive and just society, in which young makers can participate in a creative way as full citizens.
  • has grown from the diversity activities of Pianofabriek, and has undergone a transformation from programming for various groups to programming from various groups.
  • has now built up a large archive of artists who are today on the major stages and screens of Brussels and beyond and has an established place within Brussels and Belgian partnership networks for young makers in audiovisual and performing arts.


Urban Queer
Arabisch Heritage
Meertalig Drari Talent Arts
Bruksel Podiumkunsten Womanism
Newaesthetics ZwarteBelgen Noir.e.s
Performance Afrikaansediaspora Refuge Hiphop
Vrouwenvankleur Déconstruction Reconstructie Film
Latinx Latino Latina Intersectionalfeminism Asian (In)visibles
Beeldvorming Pluraliteit Audiovisueel Racisé.e.s Imagination


Samira Hmouda audiovisueel artistcoach & Film Festival System_D
Christopher Daley productie & projectopvolging
Aurelie Disasi: coordinatie terreinonderzoek System_TURFU (Innoviris Co-create)
Samira Saleh - Scholenwerking, productie
Obada Awad - Sustainability analyst
Hafsa Aqqal - Stagiare communicatie & productie