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maa 15/06/2020 > zon 21/06/2020


The May residency was planned to invite Berlin vocal coach Johanna Peine to work with our extended oracle community. Due to COVID-19 this had to be cancelled. However other very surprising projects and collaborations were born during this strange time. In our residency we worked on post production of two projects. The early pandemic Telepathic Series with artists around the globe, a way to financially support our collaborating artists in precarious situations. The second project, Reading The City coincided with the gradual opening up of the city. It is a collaboration with Brussel’s artist Mira Sanders. This was planned to be a travelling project on the Buratinas boat, however due to restrictions it took place in Brussels city. For one week a changing group of oracle vocalists practised in different times and locations in the city. These vocal sessions in public space were then sent to Mira who then wrote an episodic science fiction piece.

Photo (c) Alexandra Dementieva