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David Weber Krebs - Tonight, Lights out!

fri 09/05/2014 > fri 16/05/2014

version française

Tonight, Lights out! was inspired by a newspaper campaign run by Bildzeitung — the biggest and most widely-read tabloid in Germany and Europe. The large-print headline of its 8 December 2007 edition read: «Lights out between 8:00 and 8:05 pm tonight!». With this symbolic act, which required people to turn off their lights for five minutes, readers who answered the call became part of a community that was concerned about climate change and that was determined to find solutions together.

At first led on a nationwide scale, the act is transposed to a closed and intimate theatre venue, thereby raising an intriguing hypothesis: how much does carrying out a simple task really contribute to worldwide change?

Concept, text, direction David Weber-Krebs
Host Mathias Domahidy
Research and assistance Marie Urban
Sound Coordt Linke
Concept installation Hans Westendorp
Technique Martin Kaffarnik
Tour management Ingrid Vranken
Distribution Bold
Production: Infinite Endings
Coproduction of the French version: Far° Festival des arts vivants, Nyon
Thanks to: Kaaitheater, Maarten Westra Hoekzema and Antoine Pickels.