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Sound Lab program


open house

thu 17/05/2012 > sat 19/05/2012


For the first time 24 artistic laboratories and alternative management offices have joined together to show their practices and research in an Open House. Focusing rather on artistic research processes than on final products, these structures provide artists with time, space and tools to develop their works. With Open House these organisations take the opportunity to show that Brussels is more than ever a creative and dynamic artists’ city.

Open House will consist of two morning debates and three afternoon (between 2 and 6pm) artistic parcours to visit the different structures where the artists share their different practises with the audience. At Pianofabriek you can meet different artists and collectives. They will explain, show and share their research and practise. Processes get visible and you can even participate in the research.

Debat @ Vanderborght, Schildknaapstraat 50 Rue de l’ Ecuyer 50, 1000 Brussels/ Bruxelles
17/05 – 10:00-13:00 Slow Art
18/05 – 10:00-13:00  Continuity in the Fragmented
19/05 – 10:00-13:00 The artist’s status& first aid sessions
Programme @ Pianofabriek
17,18,19/05 – 14:00-18:00 doorlopend/ongoing/permanent

- !Co Lapse Kode

- Charlotte Bouckaert en Michel Yang, The photographer left, he told the truth

- SIC (Sound Image Culture)

- Gosie Vervloessem

- seeing sound:
17/05 – 15:00 Mind Walk: Caroline Daish.
17/05 – 16:00 Talk: Paul Craenen 
18/05 – 15:00 Earpieces (Keine-Musik):David Helbich

Gratis/entrée gratuite – www.openhousebrussels.be
With / Met / Avec : Architecture Workroom, Atelier de Création sonore et radiophonique, Atelier Graphoui, Atelier Jeunes Cinéastes, Auguste Orts, Bains Connective, Caravan Production, Constant, Danscentrum Jette, FoAM, iMal, Komplot, Maison d’Art Actuel des Chartreux, Margarita Production, MediaRuimte, Mokum, nadine, okno, Passa Porta, Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats, Q-O2, Soundimageculture, Vrac / L’Escaut, Workspace Brussels
Supported by / Met de steun van / Avec le soutien de VGC and COCOF
In collaboration with / In samenwerking met / En collaboration avec BAM, La Bellone and Kunstenfestivaldesarts

17,18,19/05 – 14:00-18:00 doorlopend/ongoing/permanent

Did it ever occur to you to wave at a surveillance camera? Or rather, at the person who is watching you at that moment in the control room? And how would it feel if that person would wave back and you would somehow be able to see or hear that?
By using surveillance cameras and a free motion tracking software the artists of !CoLAPseKoDe explore spaces in which innocent mouvements can have consequences. Visitors are invited to move between these spaces and by doing so, play with light, image and sound.
Players: Simon Yuill, Kirsty Stansfield, An Mertens, Pierre Marchand, Matthias Koole, Lot Jansen, Dorothé Depeauw
Round-up presents the results of !CoLAPseKoDe, a research process by Mangrove-Tentactile and Constant vzw/asbl, with the support of Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats and Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie.
blog !CoLAPseKoDe: http://www.adashboard.org/colapsekode
link naar software:http://www.objscrs.org

Workshop with Pierre Marchand & Dorothé Depeauw on 17/05 & 18/05
from 14.00 - 16.00
Motion Tracking is based on the analysis of differences between images in a video input. We’ll propose an exploration of how there differences are built in OBJSCRS, then trace new paths from the video input to the actual motion tracker. We’ll build visualizations out of this data structure, whether on screen or in any other possible form.


Charlotte Bouckaert en Michel Yang: “The photographer left, he told the truth, a research with audience”

17,18,19/05 – 14:00-18:00 doorlopend/ongoing/permanent
‘The photographer left, he told the truth’ is a research on how performance and photography communicate with each other. How photography transforms the reality and how control is taken over. What is revealed by hiding and how does performance use time differently from photography?

The photographer left, he told the truth (Derrida) is a performance/installation.
The viewer enters a black box. In the box the viewer sees the digital screen of the photocamera. Outside the box is a performance going on. Only when the viewer takes a picture he sees the performance. He decides, but is he really in control?

What is at stake if we accept pictures as adequate substitute for the ‘real’ action. Pictures have great power, they determine how we look at reality. The difference between copy and reality is fading within the digital era.

Sound Image culture: SIC library and workshop
SoundImageCulture is a group of artist-anthropologists committed to artful storytelling through real human encounters that challenges documentary conventions and opens up possibilities for sound and image installations. SIC offers a nine-month programme to assist professional film¬makers, social scientists and artists in the realization of their personal project.
For Open House, a special SIC Visual Library with projects, films, photos and texts by SIC participants and coaches is open at the pianofabriek. At the same time a SIC seminar by film director Eric Pauwels takes place. Feel free to joining them for a film and discussion.

Film program workshop

14:00: The Papuans point of view: Stolat by Pengau Nengo (1985, 20min.)
15:00: The Papuans point of view: Stori Tumbana by Paul Wolframm (2011, 90min.)
14:00: To Sang Fotostudio by Johan van der Keuken (1997, 35min.)
15:00: Het oog boven de put by Johan van der Keuken (1988, 90min.)
14:00: Visual anthropology & experimental cinema : Berlin-Munich Wanderung by Oskar Fischinger (1927, 5min.)
14:30: Visual anthropology & experimental cinema : Reminiscences of a journey to Lithuania by Jonas Mekas (1972, 90min.)

Seeing Sound
Seeing Sound invites artists that lead the public to sound perceptions. Ten guest artist provide walks, talks, experiments, discussions and a workshop to share their experiences.
Seeing sound takes place from Wednesday 14th until Friday 23rd of May and will be present at the pianofabriek on May 17 & 18th in the context of Open House with the following program:

Thursday 17th May : 15:00 – 18:00
15:00: Mind Walk met Caroline Daish
Free, inscription compulsory at soundlabbrussels@gmail.com
Needed: Ipod or similar device to download mp3 from web; link given upon inscription

16:00: ’A virtual walk through Klankenbos!’ by Paul Craenen
Paul Craenen is a Belgian composer. He wrote his phd at Leiden University about "COMPOSED PERFORMERS- The music performing body from a "compositional perspective".
Free entrance

Friday 18th May : 15:00 – 18:00
Earpieces (Keine-Musik): talk performance, walk composition by David Helbich
together we perform individual scores for your ears, learn to manipulate our hearing and perform a silent walk composition in public space.
Neighborhood, HEAR we come!
Free, inscription compulsory at soundlabbrussels@gmail.com

Gosie Vervloessem@recyclart: Domestic Science Shop
Under the name ’Domestic Science Club’ Gosie experiments with the laws of physics for domestic use. Her work focuses on observing natural phenomena and asking questions about it. "Everything seems so logic, but what is the logic behind it?"

Extra muros: @Recyclart – rue des Urselines 25, B-1000 Brussels
17,18,19/05 – 14:00-18:00 doorlopend/ongoing/permanent