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Letter Piece Cie ’A to Zzz’

maa 06/06/2011 > woe 08/06/2011

In February 2012, the Letter Piece Company will premier A to Zzz, an hour-long work for six performers featuring physical action, music, text and light design.

The title announces the concept: A to Zzz moves through the alphabet in order, with each letter representing an idea. That idea might relate to material (B = ballet, F = football, Y = yawning), or to a principle (G = groove, S = storytelling, V = variation). The passage through the alphabet provides a scaffold, a solid reference point, for an otherwise unpredictable journey full of constant surprise, imagination, digressions and ruptures!

The material for this work will draw on a broad and unexpected range of everyday, popular and art culture. ‘Movement’ might come from ballet, break dance or body language. Music/sound might mean a break beat, folk melody, field recording or a sentimental chord progression. ‘Lighting’ will not be the traditional lighting techniques of the theatre, but rather iconic lighting we find in the world (e.g. the lighting of the rock concert, motorway, or a police helicopter at night).


Vooruit Gent, 16-17 februari 2012 (opening)
STUK Leuven, 26-27 april 2012
Concertgebouw Brugge, 9 september 2012


concept and creation: Shila Anaraki and Matthew Shlomowitz
musicians/performers: Shila Anaraki, Matthew Shlomowitz, Tom Pauwels, Tomma Wessel, Marc Knoop
lightdesign/performer: Tom Bruwier
coproduced by Vooruit (Gent), Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats (Brussel)
supported by Concertgebouw (Brugge), STUK (Leuven)