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Gustavo Miranda ’nvsbl ppl/re-mix-able portait’

maa 04/07/2011 > vri 15/07/2011

"In our culture you only exist when you’re in the picture." (Daniëlle De Regt – VTi-Courant 89)

INVSBL PPL questions images. We play with the components of image/perception such as angles, distances, brightness, contrasts, light.

Features from video editing may influence our behaviour. People might rewind, fast forward, freeze, slow motion, cut themselves… The invisibility of the medium, music follows and is followed by INVSBL PPL. We attempt to transform our states of mind.

Do the almost omnipresent images look like us nowadays? Or… Are we becoming reflections & counter-reflections of what image industry spoonfeeds us with?

We’re inspired by images found in mass media. Are we too often inspired by images found in mass media?

Reproducing is not an answer. Desire for distortion is what moves INVSBL PPL. Distortions-in-motion, potential strangeness, changing angles, changing performers, changing medium & point of view…

"Every research on theatrical aesthetics is blind if, in its artistic practice it doesn’t recognize the reflection on the social norms of perception and behavior." Hans-Thies Lehmann in Postdramatisches Theater

Concept: Gustavo Miranda
Video: Christoph Oertli
Music: Luc Mishalle
Sound Design: Jozef Devillé

Opening: august 2011 Theater aan Zee Festival, Oostende