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Claudio Stellato
- L’ autre

mon 07/06/2010 > fri 18/06/2010

This performance is the fruit of two years of research spent investigating the relation between body and object. This investigation generated a specific movement language, which evolves through the development of an unusual character inhabiting its own universe, and its relationship with the objects that surround it.

The exploration of the body’s boundaries and the distortion of what is perceived by visual and auditory senses challenge the laws of physics and the medium of space. Combined, these elements contribute to build the foundation for the development of this project.

We are plunged in a universe governed by its own rationales and codes that unmasks two sides of the nature of being human: one belongs to us and the other one is surreal, it escapes our grip. This experience feels familiar even though we do not live it directly or we have the tools to decipher it.

‘L’Autre’ incarnates a part of ourselves that is innocent, ingenuous, oblivious to the outside world and free to act on its impulses; l’Autre is the craziness we carry inside, it is confusion and instincts, a mixture of twisted logics and genuine feelings, a child in an adult’s body.


A project by Claudio Stellato
In collaboration with Martin Firket & Chiara Ribera

Choreography : Claudio Stellato
Technicals, sound, lights : Claudio Stellato and Martin Firket
Administration : Chiara Ribera

Suported By : L’L – a workplace for young performing artists, Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats, TAKT Dommelhof, le manège.mons/CECN, TechnocITé, SACD, Noorderzon festival/Grandtheater