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Claire Croizé ’new project’

din 08/06/2010 > zat 12/06/2010

Claire Croizé was born in France in 1979 and graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in 2000. She started to develop her own artistic project during her last year at school with Donne-moi quelque chose qui ne meure pas, a dance performance for five dancers. The French press loved Donne-moi quelque chose qui ne meure pas, hailing it as one of the discoveries of PARTS@PARIS. The solo Blowing Up, produced by Pact Zolleverein (Essen) in the frame of the network DEPARTS. It was also one of the highlights at the Junge Hunde Festival 2002 at the Monty theatre in Antwerp and was performed on the international scene. In 2003, she created the trio Runway#1 for the festival Off Limits in Dortmund.

In 2006 Claire premiered with Affected at Stuk (Leuven), a performance consisting of 3 solos on the Kindertotenlieder composed by Gustav Mahler. Affected has been on tour internationally.

On invitation of the art center Monty in 2007, Claire creates Dido in collaboration with Etienne Guilloteau, a video installation performance. Dido is based on the third episode of Purcell’s opera Dido and Aeneas. Claire investigates how to translate this ’amorous absence’ on stage without any narrative structure.

In September 2009, Claire pursues her work on Gustav Mahler’s music and created The Farewell, a dance solo piece premiered at Vooruit (Gent) in collaboration with Jan Maertens for the light design.

During her residency in pianofabriek, she will be preparing a new production.