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Michel Yang ’Kore’s Project : Seeing and Hearing’

lun 26/04/2010 > ven 07/05/2010

In the Beginning there was Chaos, a yawning nothingness. Out of the void emerged Ge or Gaia (Earth) and some other primary divine beings…

I began with the intention to work with Voice as I work with the Body. As dancers, we concern ourselves with bodies in movement – qualities, textures, space, time, motion – but not voice and sounds. So I simply spoke. Speaking led to storytelling, which led to vocal sounds, which led to singing….Yet as a dancer, my foundation is the body, so how does the voice cross its research with the body ? And what other story does this tell ? Somewhere, what began as a personal research transformed into a solo dance creation where :

• Stories may or may not have any apparent meaning. We don’t really know but our imagination understands it. 
• Upon arriving to the Underworld, a realm where Body is of no concern, visibility is abducted and the body becomes empty. 
• The voice marks the absence of Kore. Yet if the Voice marks the absence of this Body, then where did the Body go ? What is left of our sensibility ?
And the story is still in process...


“When I first open my eyes, it was as if I were living someone else’s life. After an extremely long time this began to match up with my own life. A curious overlap this, my own life as someone else’s.”
- Haruki Murakami