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Maria Clara Villa Lobos ’HEAD ON’ (work in progress)

maa 23/11/2009 > vri 27/11/2009

Inspired by visual arts and more specifically the work of American artist Paul Mac Carthy, “Head On” is a sort of quest of one self and deals with questions around identity, solitude, alienation in an era where we have all the technological means to “stay connected”.
It stages a sort of life size “Smiley” who is lost, a sort of simplified version of the human genre, like a drawing of a child : a figure with two black dots as eyes and a hole for a mouth, a sexless being that has no aim nor knows where it came from.
Because of this “neutral” or universal quality , the spectator can project all sorts of images on it, from embryo to E.T., from a monster or cartoon character to a child or an adult.
“Head On” ranges from beauty to grotesque, from melancholy to humor, from coherent to absurd. The solo is constructed in a way that it goes from abstract forms such as a cell, a sphere or a phallic form to more figurative images, so that there’s an accumulative effect. The soundtrack by Gaetan Bulourde is composed by bodily sounds remixed and gives a visceral quality to the whole.

To view the short video clip : check out the website


Maria Clara Villa-Lobos was born in Brasilia, Brazil in 1972. Her father being a diplomat, she had a very “international lifestyle”, living in different countries and continents from the age of three.
She is a multi-faceted dancer, performer and choreographer, who’s been working with several choreographers (Sasha Waltz, Rui Horta, Thomas Lehmen…) in technical, improvisational and theatrical types of work, with fifteen years of experience in the performing arts scene. She has been based in Brussels since 1995 and set up her own structure, “ XL Production”, in 2002. She has since then been mainly active as a choreographer and has created and directed various pieces such as “XL, because size does matter”, “M, an average piece”, “XXL” and “Super!”. What characterizes her work is a humorous, critical and ironic approach to social topics such as consumer society and mass media, highly influenced by pop art and mass culture in general.
Using a hybrid language that mixes dance, physicality, objects, texts and songs, her work has been shown in renowned venues across Europe, but also in Brazil, Canada and South Korea.


A solo performance by Maria Clara Villa Lobos
Costume: Pauline Picry
Sound: Gaetan Bulourde