sep 2021

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Kitchen.Table - Samah Hijawi

Kitchen. Table. is centered around the exploration of the histories, cultures and practices related to food-making, as a way to understand how these influence the politics of food on the table today. The curiosity to understand how foods have been moving over time through trade and with people’s migration is the main drive behind this project.
The project is based on historical research, on ancient recipes, and food trade routes via land and sea over time, on the origins of certain food items and how they spread around the world, and on the spiritual / mythological / astrological connections we have with food. The idea is to bring the more layered stories to the surface so that we can understand the to the produce in supermarkets, and what goes into the making of a single dish. Underlying themes of migration / movement, distances between places of origin and residents of cities, as well as the female body as an archive of food memory, and the unaccounted labor that goes into cooking, are underlying themes that drive the artistic research of this project.

Aug 28th, Sep 4th, Sept 11th Kunst & Zwalm - Zwalm (BE)