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L’inconnu - Christine De Smedt

zat 06/02/2021 > zon 07/02/2021

L’inconnu is a research project aiming to develop ways of thinking together around Low Intensity Violence from the point of view of 3 different frames: language, memory and repetition. How do we speak about Low Intensity Violence (LIV)? How do we engage physically with the topic? How can we articulate the ways our thinking and acting moves through the topic of LIV?

’Language as material’ is a choreographic idea we began with in this research. This idea is not only concerned with the production of language, but also the design of tools and strategies that enable us to engage with the topic. Language as material requires an expansive notion of language, be it symbolic, representational, literary or otherwise.

We are looking into how to open the research process, and include other voices. The inclusion of a multitude of voices is integral to the continuation of the research. When we invite people, we invite them to use our strategies alongside us, either through joining our practices, or through forms of interviews.