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Soulless - Hagar Tenenbaum

maa 21/09/2020 > zon 11/10/2020

What we find comedic (or just funny) is sensitive to changing contexts. It is sensitive because the funny is always tripping over the not funny, sometimes appearing identical to it. (Lauren Berlant)

Soulless plays on the desire to be seen and the need to subvert and retreat. Hagar Tenenbaum is interested in working with the idea of the mute body. This means a body that in order to be heard, needs to be looked at; such a body approaches movement as an elaborated speech.
Following this line of thought, Tenenbaum creates a dance piece focusing on physical humor and inspired by mime and slapstick, where the body can be more awkward than graceful, more ridiculous than sublime. She stresses the plasticity of the body. And combines this concept with the music of Hendrik Willekens. The movements continuously change in shape and volume, reaching an awkward flow. Constantly and simultaneously Soulless shifts from the physical pain of the real to the theatrical world of make-believe.

Choreography Hagar Tenenbaum | Music: Hendrik Willekens | Lights: Estelle Gautier | Costume: Eran Shanny | External eye: Alma Söderberg, Andrew Hardwidge | Production: Kunstenwerkplaats | Co-production: kunstencentrum BUDA, wpZimmer | Residences: Workspacebrussels, STUK, Kelim choreography center | Special thanks to Eleanor Ivory Weber. With the support of the Vlaamse Gemeenschap