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Monuments - Anna Maria Häkkinen

maa 02/12/2019 > zon 15/12/2019

Monuments tries to imagine a feminist monument - a soft, fluid and borderless being in constant movement. The piece, which revolves around the relations of body, touch and stage, is an ongoing process without a set premiere. Every rehearsal period is also an entering to the performance period. Theatrical tools such as sound, light and moving picture are used to experiment with how kinesthetic qualities such as weight, touch and friction can be translated, recreated or artificially designed.

The process revolves around the following questions: How do the anatomic and the social body co-exist? Does touch have access to the abstract or does it always carry an
emotional or narrative significance? What does it mean to see touching and what kind of operation it is to put touch into display?

Monuments is a continuation of choreographer Anna Maria Häkkinen’s earlier work, PAINI (“WRESTLE”, a co-creation with Emil Uuttu and Lotta Suomi), which premiered in Zodiak Centre for New Dance in Helsinki in 2017. The score-based piece revolved around 18 people grabbing, throwing and pushing each other, thus creating a series of fleeting encounters and compositions.