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NOON - Judith Dhont

maa 20/07/2020 > maa 27/07/2020

With the project and collective NOON we want to create a series of performative installations and performances in which imagination is used as a tool to connect, to come together. Our chosen language for this is the language of the body. The awareness of - and connecting with - our body could be the first step to connect human beings with their surroundings - again, but differently, and who knows - with each other. Therefore we see our work as a soft form of (local) activism. We hope that our work could help with the repositioning of human beings in relation to their surrounding.

We call NOON a spatial and movement research. The ’spatial’ part is intertwined with our content but is as well specific in our decision to move from space to space. Therefore we adapt the material from space to space, which makes every movement sequence and composition connected with a certain environment, with certain surroundings.

During our residence here we started our third research process working towards a showing in april 2021 (and alsoour master project for KASK Drama). Within this process we are reopening the movement research and start to clarify the concept for our third NOON. We are working to create a multidisciplinary performance where all different elements and media co-exist, shifting between taking more and less attention, while supporting each other, forming a network. In this way we try to awaken the human experience of being part of a network or a porous body, which flows over and seeps through its boundaries.