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Voler, écrire, lance-pierre - Karoliina Loimaala

maa 13/07/2020 > zon 26/07/2020

There is a tiny space between a core of a Peruvian pepper and its thin peel. They crush so easily… What happens when it breaks free? “Voler, écrire, lance-pierre” researches a secret space that is freed, or carved, found, searched for. Peppers become my flesh, blood, games, comfort, shore, gate somewhere else, they are my memories. Memories that are gathered in my body as ghosts, physical trembles and trambles, emotional states. How is it to revisit states that have left a deep mark, as a meditative practice? Wondering, being lost, enjoying sensually, not succeeding, getting stuck, feeling sorrow as cracks through veins, flesh, bones and liquids. And to play, to build a playground of all meanings that may arise from matter, a companion that constitutes me.

Voler, écrire, lance-pierre researches writing practices and speaking texts departing from materiality of language. To perceive language as matter, free up significations, and dance with Pegasos. How is a new subjectivity built, together with whispering, brute voicing and tender groaning?

Voler, écrire, lance-pierre is a personal solo performance, that researches possibilities of matter, its polysemy and polyphonic voice.