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Friction Fiction - Sophia Rodriguez (working title)

maa 29/06/2020 > zon 05/07/2020

Friction arises when two entities’ borders meet. It is the ambiguous but generative result of the encounter of two or more (often unequal) forces. It generates movement, difference and energy. Friction is also an important part of our collective and individual mental spaces. It is often produced between our desires and fears, a constant friction of the inner self. Sexuality also consists of creating friction with each other. In late capitalist societies, sexuality is often highly mediated and made into pornography. Bodies are objectified and made consumable.

In her work, Sophia Rodriguez’s has developed a practice where different bodies create friction. While her previous piece, Ostentation Project, grappled with isolation, objectivation and consumption, the practice of Friction Fiction searches for closeness, community and nonconsumption, further exploring the practice of friction as a group work. In conversation with the audiences, the word ‘orgy’ often turned up as a way to describe what happened. The name was adopted for the practice, for the interest in erotism, and physical and mental closeness.

Sophia Rodriguez is now concentrating in the exploration of an Orgy Practice. It became a way to think of friction as an important and generative element. Often, the research starts with a word. All the possible meanings, associations and origins of this word become a starting point for embodied research. Where does the word take us? How do we relate to its meaning? How can it make us move as a group of artists? And as a society?

In 2021, Sophia Rodriguez will work on the development of the Orgy Practice into a performance. Currently the working title for this performance is Friction Fiction.