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angel - Nele Vereecken

"Macht kommt von machen, etwas tun können" - Angela Merkel

Reverend’s daughter, Angela Kasner grew up in East Germany. Her aunt from West Germany often sent presents such as Levi’s jeans and a Beatles record. When the wall fell, she decided to let go of her scientific career and enter politics. "Whoever has been so positively surprised once in his life, thinks that a lot is possible", she says. Angela Kasner is a woman who exists.

angel is a performance about a woman who does not exist and who is slightly based on the real Angela : a woman who reaches the top of the world in her search for more and more possibilities. A fictional portrait based on true facts...

By dreaming the impossible, sometimes half of it becomes true. In sting we unleash the imagination on an important contemporary political figure. How far can you go in that imagination ? When does the imagination become a lie, and that lie a logical reality accepted by everyone ?

From and with : Wim Bernaers, Katja Dreyer, Felix Ensslin, Lam Lai, Joachim Robbrecht, Sven Roofthooft, Mieke Verdin and Nele Vereecken | Co-production : AGORA Theater, KAAP and Kunstenwerkplaats | Thanks to : ARSENAAL / LAZARUS, De Brakke Grond, Le Corridor, BRONKS, arp, GC De Kroon, Hendrik De Smedt, Elke Vereecken and Marieke Vereecken.

With the support of Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft Belgiens, Goethe-Institut Brussels, arsVitha.


November 12 KC Nona - Mechelen (BE) +PREMIERE+
November 14- 15 GC De Kriekelaar - Schaerbeek (BE)
November 19 KAAP - Bruges (BE)
November 21 Bij’ De Viezen Gasten - Ghent (BE)
December 3 GC De Route - Saint-Gillis-Waas (BE)

April 2 - 3 Triangel- Sankt Vith (BE) PREMIERE (in German)

February 19 KC Nona - Mechelen (BE) +Premiere+
February 20 Bij’ De Viezen Gasten - Ghent (BE)
February 26-27 GC De Route - Saint-Gillis-Waas (BE)
March 2-3 GC De Kriekelaar - Schaerbeek (BE)
March 25 KAAP - Bruges (BE)

Initially scheduled during Spring 2020, the tour was postponed to autumn 2020, and then to the end of winter 2021. The tour is once again cancelled but we will announce the dates as soon as they are confirmed.