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Oracle - Caroline Daish

woe 18/09/2019 > zon 22/09/2019

Oracle is a collective practice that was developed by Caroline Daish (BE/AU), Justine Maxelon (BE/DE) and Michel Yang (BE/US) in November 2015. This collective practice was established as a need to voice, to heal and to collaborate.
Oracle was shared with different groups (children, palliative patients, students, artists) and has appeared in diverse contexts, reading these through instant sound and movement composition. Each practice session is unique to the moment and environment (e.g. artistic, educative, care sector). The ‘prophecy’ of the Oracle can be read as the voices of individuals in a group, but also as a social-critical awareness, questioning the position of the human being in the social, political and ecological environment. Oracle is an eyes-closed body-voice improvisation practice reading diverse spaces; train stations, parks, institutions, forests, public libraries, urban gardens and private living spaces.

Oracle invites Natacha Muslera

Natacha Muslera works with a choir of blind performers to explore the effects of sightless singing on vocal production and body practices. This surfaces in her workshops where her method of transmission centralizes around closed eyes, the use of breath, vocal architecture and care. Nourished by a broad range of vocal trainings and experiences (classical, traditional, contemporary, occidental, Indian, Inouit…) and inspired by energetic arts and meditation, Muslera touches upon together ritual, sacred and identity.

"The language of the woods, the impossibility of saying only with the dominant and signifying language. Then there are other possible languages, emanating from an immediate reality and more ancestral: the language of noises, mutes, ecosystems, biotopes, improvised songs ad tattered words... language of care, shouts, and breaths.”

Vocalizing is an alternative, obscure and concrete way to touch the unknown and hostile.